Hair Removal

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Experience the indulgence of NUXIE Professional Chocolate Creamy Wax, providing a less painful and effective hair removal solution for all skin types. Delight in a delightful chocolate-infused waxing experience that leaves your skin smooth and hair-free.
Rs. 1,659
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Experience smooth, hair-free skin with our Body and Finger Wax. Each pack contains 150g of wax, ideal for multiple uses. Get a convenient set of 3 packs for extended grooming sessions.
Rs. 1,575 Rs. 2,900
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Explore the features of the Bosidin D1129 IPL Hair Removal device with 300k Flash and Separate ICE Cool Head. This device offers permanent hair removal, ICE Cool Mode for pain relief, LCD display for easy monitoring, and two working modes for different areas. With zero consumables and painless operation.
Rs. 29,925
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Enhance your waxing experience with the Pro-Wax Heater. This paraffin waxing pot, equipped with a 360°C heating coil, ensures a fast and even wax meltdown. The adjustable temperature and compatibility with all wax types make it suitable for various preferences.
Rs. 1,636
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Experience smooth and gentle hair removal with Miss Rose Magic Finger Wax, infused with Aloe Vera flavor. This easy-to-use depilation system ensures extra hair gripping strength and is suitable for all skin types.
Rs. 259
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Elevate your grooming experience with the Vintage T9 Rechargeable Beard Trimmer. Crafted from stainless steel and alloy, this trimmer offers precision and smooth trimming for both personal and professional use.
Rs. 1,446
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Experience precise temperature control with our Electric Wax Heater, designed for hair removal nursing, beauty care, and maintenance. This versatile heater is suitable for all types of wax, ensuring a convenient and effective waxing experience.
Rs. 1,795
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Experience precision grooming with our high-performance shaver featuring sharp blades, fast charging, and a robust driving force. Crafted from durable ABS alloy, this shaver ensures efficient cutting.
Rs. 1,469 Rs. 1,799
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Elevate your hair removal experience with Intimo Mint Chocolate Film Wax, a superior alternative to traditional hot wax products. This innovative wax applies thinly, maintains flexibility, and is enriched with plasticides, ensuring it doesn't crystallize during use.
Rs. 1,676
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Experience effortless hair removal with SD Wax Strips 100Pcs Precut. These convenient and pre-cut wax strips are designed for easy use and effective hair removal.
Rs. 319
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Intimo Wax Strips are made from high-quality, lint-free paper that ensures 100% hygiene. Pair them with Intimo waxes for optimal results. These versatile strips combine the durability of non-woven material with the comfort of cotton calico, making them perfect for total body waxing.
Rs. 589
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Elevate your hair removal experience with our Wax Roll, designed for use with all depilatory systems. Each order includes 20 rolls of high-quality non-woven material, measuring 3 x 100 yards each, ensuring a precise and clean waxing process.
Rs. 2,095
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Learn how to use our premium salon wax beans with aloe vera effectively with these directions. Also, find important warnings and a list of ingredients to ensure a safe and successful waxing experience.
Rs. 1,696
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Effortless hair removal for delicate facial and bikini areas. No muslin or strips required. Heat in microwave or wax warmer for long-lasting, effective results.
Rs. 1,685
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Experience smooth and effective hair removal with Meraki Hard Beans Stripless Hair Removing Wax in the indulgent White Chocolate Cream variant. This 500g wax is specially formulated for stripless waxing, providing a convenient and mess-free hair removal solution.
Rs. 1,590
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