Foot Relief Accessories & Tools

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Relieve foot muscle tension with the rotating balls that apply reflexology and acupressure to the entire foot, promoting overall well-being. The random color adds a touch of variety to your relaxation routine.
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Upgrade your self-care routine with this multi-functional foot scrubber. The vibrant blue color adds a refreshing touch to your foot care experience. Suitable for foot washing, this slipper provides a convenient and hygienic solution.
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Combat nail fungus effectively with the Best Professional Nail Fungus Remover. Trusted by professionals and designed for easy at-home use, this remover targets and eliminates fungus, promoting healthier and clearer nails.
Rs. 349
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Transform your pedicure routine with the At-Home Pedi Solution. Flawless Pedi includes 2 roller heads, 1 handle, and a USB charging cord for convenient use on both feet. Rechargeable and water-resistant, it offers two adjustable speeds for efficient care.
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