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Baby feeding has never been so easy! Let your baby feed with this handy silicone squeeze spoon feeder. Simply squeeze the handle to release the food. You're going to love the ultra-soft silicone and the multi-purpose pacifier that comes with it! Let your babies be your little entertainers with this adorable glass bowl with a nipple. This product is perfect for your kids!
Rs. 480
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This silicone-made baby spoon feeder can help your baby to eat more efficiently. The new and improved design features an easy-to-use design with a fully detachable spoon, making it easier and safer for your baby to eat. Additionally, it is durable and also delicate enough to be gentle when in contact with your little one's mouth. You can fill the bottle with water, milk, medicine, rice cereal, juice, puree, and the like to feed your little baby. It is heat resistant to high temperatures up to 120 degrees Celsius.
Rs. 360
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With 3 products for your baby, it's never been easier to ensure that your baby is getting the proper nutrition and is being provided with the comfort and warmth they need. The silicone squeeze spoon feeder allows your baby to get their food from any spoon, making it as easy as a pacifier! The Fruit Pacifier provides your baby with a soothing texture and taste that is unlike any other pacifier out there. The Baby Knee Pad provides relief for your little one's joints and will keep them safe from food splashes.
Rs. 549
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