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Inject dishwashing liquid into the brush body for continuous use. With its easy-to-use plastic design, this high-quality tool is a perfect choice for your family's daily life. Make dishwashing a breeze with our efficient and reliable solution.
Rs. 398
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Shop our 50 feet long, strong metal rope with rubber-coated PVC for versatile use. Ideal for submersible pump applications, cradles, laundry clotheslines, and curtain wires. Durable and reliable, this metal rope is designed to withstand various tasks with ease. Get yours now for a sturdy and long-lasting solution!
Rs. 893
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Discover the convenience of the Dish Washing Scrubbing Brush with Liquid Soap Dispenser. Made from high-quality plastic, this brand-new brush simplifies your dishwashing routine.
Rs. 170 Rs. 225
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Easily carry and use the anti-slip plastic clothes hanging rope by MASS Traders. Made of high-quality nylon material, this 5-meter rope is lightweight and versatile. It features a creative design with stainless steel hooks on both ends for easy linking.
Rs. 140 Rs. 199
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Hang your clothes up to dry with this strong windproof clothesline. Conveniently dry your hand wash, socks, undergarments, and other clothes with this flexible laundry line. It features two shaped hooks for easy fastening on any rod or bar.
Rs. 299
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Safeguard your home from pests with our Professional Strength Glue Traps. Designed for long-lasting effectiveness, these strongly adhesive traps are easy to use and require no additional baits. Use them with bait for enhanced efficacy
Rs. 498
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Effortlessly clean your dishes with the Non-Stick Oil Automatic Liquid Cleaning Brush. This innovative kitchen gadget features a built-in soap dispenser, allowing you to free your hands during dishwashing.
Rs. 479 Rs. 599
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Efficiently organize your closet with our Multi-Purpose 15-Hole Scarf Hanger. Hang ties, hijabs, scarves, and other fashion accessories in one convenient place, saving space and making it easy to find and choose your clothing.
Rs. 199
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Discover the Wall Mounted Clothes Rail, a convenient solution for organizing your coats and clothes. This set includes 2 pieces of coat hanger racks made from durable aluminum.
Rs. 2,165
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Organize your wardrobe with this pack of 10 stainless steel hangers featuring a stylish twisted lines design. These heavy-duty suit hangers are designed to support heavy coats and shirts, providing reliable and long-lasting storage solutions.
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Maximize your closet space with our Shoe Hanger. Featuring a 360-degree rotating design and four-side configuration, it offers convenient access and efficient storage for your shoes. Made from durable materials, it ensures long-lasting performance and easy installation.
Rs. 598 Rs. 770
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Effortlessly clean mirrors and windows with our multipurpose shower squeegee. Designed for versatile use, it features a durable rubber blade for streak-free cleaning. With its ergonomic handle and compact design, this squeegee offers convenience and efficiency.
Rs. 589 Rs. 910
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Elevate your bath and shower routine with our silicone-durable cleaning brush. This versatile brush not only provides effective cleaning but also offers a soothing massage and gentle care for your skin.
Rs. 549 Rs. 1,080
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