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Enhance your CPU cooling with our 80mm Fan and Aluminum Heat Sink. Featuring a hydraulic bearing, 1600RPM fan speed, and a 3Pin connector, this cooler is designed for optimal performance.
Rs. 2,100
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Stay cool and hands-free with our Portable Bladeless Neck Fan. Featuring a powerful turbine design and second-speed cooling, it offers efficient airflow without jamming. Lightweight, compact, and rechargeable, this fan provides a safe and comfortable experience.
Rs. 1,795 Rs. 2,799
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Enhance your atmosphere with our Portable Mini Humidifier, providing soothing mist and a colorful night light. Perfect for travel, bedrooms, and offices, this USB-powered humidifier offers convenient two mist modes, eliminating dry air and promoting relaxation.
Rs. 898 Rs. 1,250
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This liquid cooler offers efficient cooling performance with a durable pump and a noise level of just 20DBA. With a TDP of 280W, it's capable of handling demanding cooling tasks. The connector type is 2510-4P+ARGB 3PIN for easy integration into your system.
Rs. 19,425
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Elevate your CPU cooling with the EAF1218 Air Cooler – a high-performance solution featuring a 6-heatpipe design, 12cm ARGB fan, and top plate. Enjoy efficient heat dissipation, customizable lighting, and exceptional performance for your system.
Rs. 19,320
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Experience cool comfort with our Portable Air Cooler featuring mist air cooling and a soothing LED night light. This versatile fan offers fast cooling and doubles as an air humidifier, enhancing your space's atmosphere.
Rs. 4,778
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Discover the best Cloth Hanging Stand Rack, a single-pole solution for organizing your clothes at home, in boutiques, garments shops, outdoors, and bedrooms. With a weight of 4.5 kg, this rack stands tall at 5.5 feet and boasts a width of 4 feet. Its silver color and attractive design add a touch of style to your space
Rs. 3,541 Rs. 4,160
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The built-in powerful fan has a size of 14141.5cm and a speed range of 750-1500RPM, providing high airflow and effective cooling. The airflow of 23-44CFM and air pressure of 0.45-1.35mmH20 ensure that your laptop stays cool and runs smoothly. The cooling pad operates at a low noise level and has a current of 0.4A and voltage of DC 5V, making it energy efficient and convenient to use. The high-performance cooling pad is suitable for laptops with a screen size of 10”, 12”, 13”, and 14”. It is easy to use, with no need for installation has a foldable design that makes it convenient and comfortable to carry. So why wait? get the high-performance cooling pad and keep your laptop running smoothly.
Rs. 945
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