Bath Mats

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Upgrade your bathroom with our easy-to-install Drain Hair Catcher. This drain protector, equipped with suction cups, doubles as a sink stopper and silicone strainer, efficiently trapping hair and debris.
Rs. 126
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Watch your little one's curiosity and development soar in this stimulating play space. Featuring eye-catching graphics and brightly colored inner floating toys, this interactive mat provides the perfect environment for engaging tummy time sessions.
Rs. 1,446 Rs. 2,150
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Explore our high-quality Baby Bath Tub, designed for ultimate comfort and safety during your little one's bath time. Crafted with premium materials, it ensures a secure and enjoyable bathing experience.
Rs. 1,695
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Experience enhanced comfort and style in your bathroom with our toilet mat set. Designed to provide a soft and plush surface, these mats offer a cozy experience while effectively absorbing water and preventing slips.
Rs. 3,342
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Get a perfect combination of practicality & luxury with these super absorbent & ultra-soft mats. Made from 100% Microfiber, these mats are able to do the magic of absorbing any water droplets that enter their space.
Rs. 999
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