Bathroom Shelving

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Keep your space organized and your hands free with this convenient accessory. Crafted from fine bamboo and wood, this waterproof and moisture-proof box offers both style and functionality. Choose between an ordinary style or one with a mobile card slot.
Rs. 988 Rs. 1,350
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Elevate your floor cleaning with the X-Type Microfiber Squeezing Twist Mop. Its unique X-shaped design effortlessly tackles tight corners and hard-to-reach areas. The microfiber mop head effectively captures dust and debris, while the built-in twisting mechanism allows easy wringing, preventing splashes.
Rs. 2,310
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Mount it easily on any smooth surface and enjoy its spacious design for towels, shampoos, and soaps. No drilling or screws are required, thanks to its super adhesive wall stickers. Enhance your kitchen and bathroom organization with this practical and durable storage solution.
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Organize your space with this pack of 10 non-marking thumbs-up-shaped wall storage hooks. Perfect for hanging key chains, towels, and more, these hooks are designed to keep your room clean and tidy. Featuring strong adhesiveness, these hooks securely hold your items in place. Size: 3cmL x 2.2cmW x 2.2cmH.
Rs. 513
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