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Enhance your power supply with the KM-10A Extension Board. Featuring 3 sockets, 40/76 copper wire, and a 3-way electric supply, this AC 250V/10A board provides ample outlets and superior conductivity. Experience efficient and reliable power distribution with the KM-10A Extension Board.
Rs. 494
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Get organized and eliminate the hassle of limited outlets with our efficient and practical 3-socket extension board. Whether you need to power up your home office, entertainment system, or kitchen appliances, this extension board provides a reliable solution.
Rs. 788
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Say goodbye to limited outlets and enjoy the convenience of an extended power supply. Upgrade your setup and streamline your electrical connections with our reliable and versatile 10-meter extension board.
Rs. 1,313
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Get the LENCENT USB Plug 4-Port 24W/4.8A USB Charger Cube, a portable and compact UK power adapter plug with Smart IC technology, perfect for charging multiple devices simultaneously.
Rs. 1,994 Rs. 3,349
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Get quick and efficient charging with this Quick Charge 3.0 USB Charger UK Wall Adapter for iPhone X Max, 7, 8, and other smartphones. Enjoy fast charging with 20W power output.
Rs. 1,296 Rs. 2,299
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Get your devices charged quickly with Promate's 20W USB-C Charger with Power Delivery. This ultra-compact wall adapter features USB-C power delivery and fast charging capabilities, making it a convenient and efficient option for all your charging needs.
Rs. 1,894 Rs. 2,599
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