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Experience the magic of our Upside-Down Clown Toy! Watch in awe as it gracefully moves on its hands, captivating with every dance. The mesmerizing lights on its feet and hat enchant children, keeping them entertained for hours.
Rs. 1,733 Rs. 2,250
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Experience the magic of our Automatic Domino Train Set! Watch in awe as the train drives and sets up dominoes automatically, complete with captivating lights and music. Crafted from durable ABS material, this battery-operated marvel features a unique tumble down action and a turning head for dynamic setups.
Rs. 2,363 Rs. 2,950
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Explore our Battery-Operated Water Dispenser Toy designed for kids. Made from food-safe material, this interactive toy features a realistic press mechanism and attractive squacking sound. Crafted with eco-friendly ABS material, it promotes creativity, imagination, and enhances cognitive skills.
Rs. 1,446 Rs. 1,950
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Engage your child with our Multi-Mode Music Playmat featuring colourful lights. Designed to provide developmental benefits, this playmat offers 3 grow stages for kids: Lay & play, Tummy time, and Sit & play.
Rs. 2,743
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Experience endless entertainment with our Rechargeable Dancing Cactus Talking Toy. This adorable and soft plush toy will keep you amused as it repeats what you say and showcases its dancing skills. With upgraded features including recording, glowing, and singing functions, it offers a captivating playtime experience.
Rs. 1,995
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