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Embrace the convenience of multi-functional and stylish lighting and audio with this unique Bluetooth touch lamp. Portable, stylish, and rechargeable, this device adds a touch of sophistication to bedrooms, offices, or outdoor spaces.
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Explore the SM3B5 advanced meeting room audio system with exceptional microphone and reproducer features. Check out the detailed product specifications for more information.
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Elevate your space with the LED Touch Lamp Bluetooth Speaker – a multifunctional marvel offering wireless audio and warm-white LED lighting. Discover versatility, portability, and high-fidelity sound. Ideal for gifting. Explore now!
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These speakers are perfect for your friends and family that make use of a computer, mobile phone, MP3 player, or tablet. They're portable, with a hook on the back so they can be hung up without being too difficult to manage. They're great to use while you're on the go, but they also look elegant and stylish.
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Multimedia speakers that perfectly satisfy your need. Meet your perfect companion in life. With crystal-clear sound and bass, its stylish design will let you carry it around comfortably with ease. Perfectly suitable for TV sets, computers, mobile phones, MP3s, and tablets. It comes with a 3.5mm jack and USB cable. With the package, you get two speakers!
Rs. 1,075
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A USB capable, premium quality, a multimedia speaker that is perfect even on the go. These speakers are designed with an FT-165/HT-163 prime woofer, providing high-quality audio and crystal-clear sound for your listening pleasure. With 3 watts and a power output of 2 X 3 watts, can be powered by any mobile charger.
Rs. 2,895
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The Mini LED stereo multimedia speakers are sub-woofers that bring a big sound in a small box. These speakers have a deep bass to fill your room with its powerful sound.100% original product to connect with laptop and desktop computer. The clear sound matches your mood to feel relaxed.
Rs. 889
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Look in any direction and you will see people with small speakers on their laps, or even in the living room. The sound is too low and there's a terrible distortion. If you're looking for an audio solution that is discreet and powerful, look no further than these Multimedia Speakers. It allows you to enjoy clear sounds while listening to your favorite movies, games, or music.
Rs. 4,748
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The best sound quality multimedia speakers for Laptops, computers & LCDs. The strong style give vivid sound quality. You can enjoy the most amazing music with these wired connection speakers. Easy to carry in luggage when you travel to anywhere or any place.
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These are new Bluetooth speakers that are pushing the boundaries. These speakers are definitely changing the way people listen to music. With their portable design, sleek look, and key features like USB port power supply and volume controller, these speakers have become the standard for many people.
Rs. 458
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