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Encourage creativity with our Kids Wooden Drawing Stencils Kit! This set includes 12 inner and 12 outer drawing articles, serving as both a puzzle and an artistic outlet. The compact 4x4 inch size, crafted from laminated press sheet, ensures durability.
Rs. 1,695 Rs. 2,399
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Explore our Colorful Wooden Stacker Toy, a vibrant educational playset comprising 16 wooden pieces in various shapes like Rings, Triangles, Squares, and Rectangles. Children can engage in early learning activities, stacking and matching these pieces on four rods.
Rs. 1,313 Rs. 1,800
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Enhance your mobile viewing experience with our Portable Phone Screen Magnifier. Crafted from durable ABS and acrylic lenses, this magnifier is compatible with any mobile phone, providing a crystal clear display of 7-8 inches at a distance of 1-2 meters.
Rs. 549 Rs. 715
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