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Fuel creativity with our Super Mega Art Set - 208pcs! This premium package is a haven for budding artists, providing a vast array of art supplies for sketching, drawing, painting, and beyond.
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The QiYi warrior S 3x3x3 is the perfect puzzle for people ages 8 to 80. It's a speed puzzle, which means you'll have to react quickly and your brain will have to work harder in order to solve it. The QiYi warrior S 3x3x3 has a great design that offers a solid feel and smooth turning, as well as easy-to-recognize colors that are perfect for solving the puzzle.
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We all know that a child's first word is "mama", "dada", "doggy" or "ball". The ABC Wooden Tray is an ideal gift for a child who has the unique ability to stay calm and learn in a very creative way. It is 3D and easy to hold, which allows the child to explore the visual shapes and colors on it. Furthermore, it is made of durable wood materials so that it will be hard to break even if the child falls.
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Stick Blocks is a 150-piece puzzle from our "Strawberries" line. It's a great way to help your kid develop creativity, dexterity and hand-eye coordination, using only their favorite colors! Besides that, kids can use this puzzle to build up their patience as well as their skills in design. Kids learn to build, create, and design with Stick Blocks! Leave the frustration of trying to teach your child the alphabet behind. This pack includes a total of 150 pieces of colorful blocks that can be combined in countless ways. Kids can make designs that are more than 100 times bigger than the original size!
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Challenge yourself or your friends to solve this 3x3 cube in less than 50 moves. Race against time, or race against your friends to see who can solve the cube first. This cube is made of high quality plastic material, which is smooth and solid right out of the box. Rubik's Cube is a 3x3x3 poly-cuboid puzzle invented by Ernő Rubik in 1974. It can be solved by following the instructions on the front of the box to arrange the tiles into one of 26 different ways. The prototype was made by a friend of Rubik's in 1968, using a paper cube, and it became popular when Rubitz in Budapest started mass-producing it in 1974.
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Rubik's Cube is a 100% the same product in beautifull colors. A great educational toy for children. It is also very usefull for small children who are just learning to read. These classic toys are loved by children and adults alike. The 7-piece pack features a variety of wood finishes in a wide variety of colors to choose from. 100% the same product. Whether your child enjoys imaginative play or just wants to pass the time, this 7-piece wooden puzzle is a great way to make a child's day.
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The Rubik's Cube has long been a symbol of intelligence and creativity. It is a brilliant way to exercise your cognitive abilities, to develop your strategic thinking skills and to improve your patience. It is also a great way of keeping the kids busy for hours. The Rubick's Cube blocks are made of natural wood and are 40% smaller than the classic Rubik's Cube.
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