Bathroom Safety

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Transform your space effortlessly with our Pack of 30 Self-Adhesive Tiles Sticker Sheets. Easy to install, dust-free, and perfect for wall decor. Each piece measures 20cm x 10cm, enhancing your home decor in a breeze.
Rs. 893
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Elevate your floor cleaning with the X-Type Microfiber Squeezing Twist Mop. Its unique X-shaped design effortlessly tackles tight corners and hard-to-reach areas. The microfiber mop head effectively captures dust and debris, while the built-in twisting mechanism allows easy wringing, preventing splashes.
Rs. 2,310
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Upgrade your bathroom with our easy-to-install Drain Hair Catcher. This drain protector, equipped with suction cups, doubles as a sink stopper and silicone strainer, efficiently trapping hair and debris.
Rs. 126
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Effortlessly clean narrow bathroom spaces with our Flexible Cleaning Tool. This eco-friendly solution features a patented nano-cotton head for efficient and hands-free cleaning. Its excellent water-locking property ensures easy usage and effective removal of dirt and stains.
Rs. 1,574 Rs. 2,199
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Keep your hands clean and maintain hygiene with our Toilet Seat Cover Lifter. This pack of 2 adhesive handles is made of durable ABS+PC+TPR material. It prevents touching the toilet lid and seat, minimizing the spread of dirt.
Rs. 489 Rs. 695
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Organize your bathroom and kitchen with this self-adhesive corner shelf rack. Made of durable plastic, it features a glossy finish and a triangular design that maximizes corner space. Random colors are available, and the rack is perfect for storing shampoo, body wash, conditioner, and spice jars.
Rs. 362 Rs. 445
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Experience enhanced comfort and style in your bathroom with our toilet mat set. Designed to provide a soft and plush surface, these mats offer a cozy experience while effectively absorbing water and preventing slips.
Rs. 3,342
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